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An ADVENTURE, a real flight in a twin seat sport aircraft with a qualified flight instructor guiding you all the way. Yes, you pilot the aircraft!


BE THE PILOT! Fly in the pilot seat in one of our sport aircraft (with a little help from a flight instructor). An adventure flight in an AirSports aircraft allows for about 45 min of time spent flying (engine start to engine stop), you flight will be from Riddells Creek Airfield located 30 min drive north west of Melbourne. The 45min flight is our most popular gift certificate flight.

Buy a flight certificate for yourself or as a gift!

We will email you a custom gift certificate that is valid for 6 months. Please list the name you would like printed on the flight certificate when you order.

GO FLYING! CERTIFICATE - $295 A big adventure.
A 45 min Trial Instructional Flight.

In suitable conditions fly your aircraft around the stunning Mount Macedon ranges, over to Hanging Rock and past the Romsey vineyards, then the army testing ground at Monegeetta and back to Riddell airfield.

"TRIAL FLIGHT CERTIFICATE" - $235 A little adventure
A 25 min trial instructional Flight
Designed for those that are not sure if they will like flying or those that just want a short air experience. Recommended by the Entertainment Guide using a voucher.


Student training package deal flight training packages are also available, see our costs listed on our LEARN TO FLY page.

Please dress comfortably for the day; no boots (its hard to work the foot pedal controls with them on) and bring your sunglasses. We provide aviation headsets for your flight.

We use PayPal as an online payment system, if that will not work for you please call us on 0422 446622 and we will arrange a Gift Certificate by phone using your credit card.

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Please accept our invitation to visit our airfield, drive-in or Fly-In, we would be happy to show you around. When you are ready to make a flight booking, or visit, please call us first on 0422 446622 to make a time.

Fine print : Flyers must be able to understand instructions given in English. No minimum pilot age to take an introductory instructional flight however flyers need to be able to safely reach and use the flight controls under the supervision of a flight instructor. The minimum health standard is that required to drive a motor vehicle. Maximum pilot weight limits may apply. Gift certificates are not refundable.

AIRSPORTS FLYING SCHOOL Australia's first sport/lightweight aircraft business and Australia's oldest sport aviation flight training school.


Riddells Creek Airfield 280 Websters Road
Riddells Creek, 3431. 0422-446622