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Airsport’s Flying School is proudly Australia's original Sport Aviation Flying School. We have taught pilots from around the world on how to fly sport aircraft. If you fly with AirSports you will have have Australia’s most experienced instructors showing you how to fly. We fly modern twin seat CASA and RAAus approved sport aircraft.

See our GIFT CERTIFICATES page for full details.

Why fly with AirSports?

Australia’s most experienced and highest qualified flight training team. No questions here you will be fly with the best of the best, with a small team of quality instructors with industry leading experience.

The same instructor can fly with you every week, not a different instructor every week.

Friendly instructors that will look after all your flight training needs.

Modern, twin seat, comfortable European sport aircraft

Unique to AirSports, NEW airline style digital instrument panel with conventional instrument back-up.

We use safer, more reliable, higher performance 100hp Rotax engines

Close to Melbourne so less travel time to get to Riddell Airfield

It's a country Airfield at Riddells Creek, no aircraft traffic problems so you can train with ease.

Sealed all weather runway so spend more days flying.

Safe flying training area, no need to fly over built up areas or no go zones.

NO landing fees to pay, and NO air navigation charges

NO need for an ASIC security card, save $250 every two years.

NO extra charge for briefing time, if you have any questions just ask, saving over $2000 of extra charges compared to some other schools.

NO charge for sitting, marking, or reviewing any written tests, save over $250.

NO extra penalty costs for flight tests, saving $900 up to $1500.

NO need to go elsewhere for the issue of Pilot Certificates we can provide it all at AirSports.

NO time wasted taxiing your aircraft at a
big airport, a 25% saving of your training costs!!


Take an introductory flight to see in you are going to enjoy flying. Fly our aircraft with the guidance of an AirSports flight instructor, it's exciting, a challenge and a great experience. On a trial flight your flight instructor will hand over the flight controls to you. ... when you are ready to fly phone AirSports Flying School and book your flight! Please also note maximum personal weight limits may apply, please contact us for details.

More information at our LEARN TO FLY page.

We fly the top of the line
TOPAZ sport aircraft, it’s a new, modern, comfortable, high wing aircraft set up with side-by-side seating. See the Topaz in flight click here. The TOPAZ offers a really comfortable seats, advanced cockpit, amazing climb capability, excellent easy control and a superb glide capability (with a glide angle of 17:1).

Order an AirSports pre-paid flight certificate on line using your credit card and PayPal. We fly Wednesday-Sunday inclusive (if the weather permits). Prior flight bookings are recommended. If your are interested in learning to fly with AirSports please see our
GIFT CERTIFICATES page for full details.

AirSports is the Australian &
New Zealand distributor
of the TOPAZ light sport aircraft.
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Airsports Australia Pty Ltd
Riddells Creek Airfield
280 Websters Road, Riddells Creek 3431
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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+61 422 446622 international