Pilot Computer-E6B


This new colour pilot computer is based on aviations most popular slide-rule-style flight computer, the standard E6B. It's identical in size to the venerable favourite, made with the same solid aluminium construction and featuring all the functionality pilots have relied on for decades.

On the circular side, black is used for the rate arrow and units to be calculated, red is used for weight and volume and blue is used for distance, time and temperature scales.

On the wind side, colours are used to identify wind variation: blue identifies west (or right wind correction angle) and red identifies east (or left wind correction angle). Designed for those that want an aluminium computer, protective cover included.

Strong Aluminium Design - $97.00
Delivery Australia / New Zealand $12.90

Student DFlight Computer E6B

Full Colour E6-B

The new model updated pilot computer! So much better than the old style Windspeed Cursor Arm makes solving wind problems a breeze it features a unique windspeed cursor which shows the speed and drift without pencil marks. Simply set your true course, rotate cursor arm to wind direction, and read your wind correction angle and groundspeed.

Deluxe, low cost, twin sided, one side for wind calculations the other a circular slide rule for all other calculations.

Instructions for Windspeed Cursor set-up are printed on the computer slide. Calculate all necessary flight planning & enroute navigation requirements. Easy to use with instructions printed on the computer. Sturdy PVC plastic design, Size 4-1/2" x 8-3/4"

COLOUR E6B Pilot Computer $49 each
Delivery Australia / New Zealand $12.90

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