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Airsport’s Flying School is proudly Australia's oldest Sport Aviation Flying School. Pilots from around Australia and the world have learnt how to fly with us. Fly with AirSports and you will have have Australia’s most experienced instructors assisting you all the way. We fly modern twin seat CASA and RAAus approved sport aircraft.



Make a start by taking a flight in our twin seat sport aircraft flying with an experienced flight instructor.
Yes, you get to fly the aircraft. Fly Mount Macedon as the pilot on a 50 min Introductory Flight in the TOPAZ sport aircraft. Bring your phone/camera for some great selfie photos in flight. To keep everyone safe we ask that you do not book a flight if you are unwell for any reason. More than one flight can be booked at a time for yourself of friends.

Dress for the temperature of the day, bringing sun glasses is a good idea, there is no minimum or maximumage. If you chose to fly with us you must be able to understand instructions given in English, be able to enture and exit the aircraft with minimal assistance, be tall enough to reach the flight controls and be able to see out the front windscreen, normally 12 years or older. Under 18 year flyers needs a parent of guardian permission (forms available) before flight. Flight certificate will be sent out by email or by post if required - BUY NOW.

Complimentary coffee or tea before or after your flight all times and soft drinks at cost are also available.

BE THE PILOT We will show you how it's done. Once we are airborne will give you control of the aircraft and give you a start on building your flying skills and experience. In suitable conditions we can fly around the Mount Macedon ranges, over to Hanging Rock and past the Romsey vineyards through our flight training area and back to Riddells Creek Airfield.


Start your flight training while keeping an eye on the cost, please consider the
FLYING START PACKAGE. Your first three (3) flying lessons. All AirSports flying counts towards the issue of a Pilot certificate. Includes one months FREE membership to Recreational Aviation Australia. A great gift for yourself or a friend. Only one flying start package available per person, Flying Start packages are valid for 24 months.

Your first three (3) lessons, for the same person, flying with a flight instructor where you get to do the flying. All AirSports flying counts towards the issue of a Pilot certificate. FREE one months membership to Recreational Aviation Australia included. A great gift for yourself or a friend.

GREAT VALUE Only $890 in our TOPAZ aircraft, SAVE $100 TOTAL! Only one flying start package available per person. Flying Start packages are now valid for 24 months. Gift certificates will be confirmed with an emailed Flight Training Certificate.

FLYING START - 3 flights

Purchase a full flight training package online using the secure PayPal service (credit card or bank account). A
FREE FLIGHT TRAINING PACK is supplied including a hard cover pilots logbook, a pilots aircraft manual (USB), AirSports training notes along with a training manual carry bag. Two additional theory books are needed, these hard cover aviation publications are now available from Airsports for $99.00 each.

A pay as you go option is available, the same quality of training, the cost is a little higher and not all the free or discounted extras are included.


Package only $3,590

Ten (10) flying lesson course in a new model, 100 horse power TOPAZ aircraft equipped with new, modern, touch screen, electronic (EFIS) flight instrument panels. The TOPAZ is comfortable and quiet, A 60 min flying lesson includes 50 min flying and 10 min briefing. Package includes 10 flight training lessons in the Topaz sport aircraft. Certificates can be purchased electronically using your credit card or PayPal or directly from us at Riddell Airfield, in this case pay by cash and save $100, please book a time for us to be available to assist.



A FREE hard cover pilot log book is included, a FREE pilot carry bag for all your books is included, the first month membership to Recreational Aviation Australia is included FREE . AirSports also includes the use of a clean aviation headset FREE of extra charge to start with, as a precaution with COVID19 we ask you to purchase your own pilot headset that we have available at the flying school for very reasonable prices. They can also be ordered online, click HERE.

Pre and post flight briefings are
INCLUDED with all prepaid flight lessons there is NO extra charge, all written exams, sitting and debrief, are included FREE of extra charge and finally there are no penalty charges for your flight test if you completed your training with AirSports (Save up to $2000 compared to many other schools!). Complimentary coffee or tea available before or after your flight at all times.

When to fly in Melbourne:

What to expect - July, cold (15c), calm with a few days of fog, good flying; August-September, lots of wind, rainstorms, warmer (15 -20c) not our best months to fly however we are still open and available; October-November, warmer (18-24c), light winds, good flying; November- January, warmer (20-28c), good flying; February, hot (25-35c) flying best early or late in the day (daylight saving late flying available); March - May, warm (19-27c) our best flying months.

AirSport’s Flying School

Airsports Australia Pty Ltd
Hangar 4
Riddells Creek Airfield
280 Websters Road, Clarkefield, 3430
(Melbourne) Australia.


Call 0422-446622


We progress through the flying course at your pace, you will be flying with your own personal instructor so we will ensure the training exactly suits your needs. The minimum flying hours is 20 hours including 5 hours of solo flying. As there is a lot of necessary training to cover, it is unrealistic to complete the course in the minimum hours. For planning purposes please allow sufficient flight training with us to feel secure, comfortable and confident with your flying. We will brief you on your progress through the course. Most pilots plan on flying once each week, the frequency is up you and your availability.


Pilots need to be able to understand instructions given in English. There is
no minimum pilot age to start flight training however minimum solo flight age is 15 years. The health standard is that required to drive a motor vehicle, no special aviation medical is required. If you do have any medical condition we request you self-declare to us so that we can best look after your needs. Maximum pilot weight limits may apply. Flight training lessons include primarily dual flying with an instructor and the first 3 hours of solo flight due to the supervision required. After that time solo flying is paid for at a reduced rate. Prepaid flying, or flying packages are not refundable. Prepaid flying packages can be used at any time and you are protected from any price increase for 12 months. A small fee increase may be required after 12 months for any unused flying hours. Ten lesson flight training courses expire 3 years from the date of issue. In exceptional circumstances a refund can be requested by the pilot during the currency period of the flight training package. A cancellation fee of 20% is applied to the remaining unused flying hours. Airsports Australia Pty Ltd ACN 641846915.