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STORCH - Great flying offer!

Our STORCH S twin seat sport aircraft is now available for pilot conversions, private hire and pilot training. The "S" stands for super, superb, and speed, it's the faster model in the Fly Synthesis Storch range that still has a great short field capability.

STORCH S is AirSports fun aircraft, super visibility with its clear roof and doors, tinted windscreens, big wheels for runway or grass field landings, adjustable seats and dual joystick controls.The Storch is an Italian designed sport aircraft, with over 200 examples flying worldwide.

Our STORCH sport aircraft is available for student train ing and by qualified pilots for private hire.

Storch sport aircraft

FOR SALE !! For even lower cost 1/4 ownership shares are available in the STORCH

Buy now, fly for low cost, and own your own aircraft!

Flying contribution
ONLY $40 per hour (plus fuel and ground costs). Syndicate flyers must be able to fly extremely well and be willing to work harmoniously with other syndicate owners. If you can fit in and want a helicopter flying experience in a sport aircraft then give us a call to discuss.

Either way the
STORCH offers unbeatable rates as a syndicate owner or for private hire. See our FOR SALE page for more information.

Give Rod at Airsports a call on 0422-446622 for a flight in the
STORCH, your first flight is at 1/2 price!.