For Sale STORCH Aircraft

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A really nice aircraft to fly, the STORCH S (Speed) model aircraft, a great performer, think of a helicopter with wings - a great little bush aircraft. Factory built with over 500 flying the Storch is an amazing, reliable aircraft.

Good short field performer, excellent climb rate capability (at least 50% better than equivalent Jabiru powered aircraft) Twin seats (yes, adjustable), superb visibility in all directions with a see through “blue tint” roof, see through doors and windscreen, dual controls, aviation grade tyres, hydraulic brakes, nose wheel steering, ICOM A200 aircraft radio (with dual com), two Pilot headsets included as well as a Sigtronics VOX intercom, a optional factory stall warning system (buzzer) is fitted.

Rotax 912 80hp four stroke engine, carbon fibre ground adjustable 3 blade DUC propeller with factory upgraded metal leading edge protection, Electric flaps, a full set of Instruments, including Dynon electronic EFIS with flight instruments including an artificial horizon, digital airspeed indicator, digital altimeter, digital compass also back-up analogue instruments including a second ASI, Altimeter, and a compass are included, also coolant temp, voltmeter, hour meter, tacho, and more.

Comes with upgraded tyres, upgraded main undercarriage legs, alloy wheel rims and more. a strobe light and landing light are fitted. Matching wheel fairings included (not fitted), inflight elevator trim standard. Good looking aircraft, although not new it has been well looked after and always hangared. Our Storch has been independently weight checked to ensure it meets the manufactures empty weight requirements. With the impact of COVID-19 we now need to sell our “just for fun” privately owned aircraft to another proud owner.

Please note we are not selling our Storch aircraft as a FlySynthesis dealer or agent, nor is it being being sold for a third party as an agent, this a private sale of our well loved Storch aircraft.

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(Melbourne) Australia.

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