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ICOM's great new handheld aircraft radios.

ICOM A25 Radio

Icom’s Next Generation Air Band Radio with Built-in Bluetooth®

The A25C is a powerful air band handheld with 6 watts of power and an IP57 waterproof rating. The easy-to-use interface and large 2.3-inch LCD display combine to provide stress-free programming and easy in-flight use.

A25C sport VHF airband radio is set up with the lower cost and more practical AA battery pack. It’s a superb hand held aircraft radio, small enough for your navigation bag or glove box. Connect to your favourite bluetooth capable headset and you have cable free communications!

ICOM's A25C is a rugged "keep it simple" low cost aircraft radio. Strong alloy chassis, water resistant design, equivalent to IP57, its large display is easy to read with 200 memory channels available. The ICOM keypad allows you to comfortably input the correct frequency and the easy view screen keeps the operation simple.

  • Air band coverage (TX 118-136.975, RX 108.00-136.975)
  • 6 Watts (PEP) High RF Output Power

  • Easy-to-use Interface

  • 2.3 inch Large High Visibility LCD

  • "Flip-Flop" Channel Recall

  • Built-in Bluetooth® for Hands-Free Operation

  • Near Station Search Function

  • IP57 dust and waterproof protection

  • 12 month fix or replace warranty

ICOM’s A25C aircraft handheld radio is truly portable with a size of only 59(W) x 148(H) x 32(D) mm and a weight of 340g. A BNC connector for external aerial connection makes use as a fixed radio easy. Can be connected to external headset with a free headset adaptor included. Delivered registered or express mail. Pilot radio certificate qualifications are required to transmit.

ICOM A25C radio

✓ Antenna
✓ Battery case AA, BP-289
✓ Belt clip
✓ Headset adapter

✓ Hand strap

ON SALE - WAS $765 - NOW $635.00

ICOM quality, limited stock at this price so be quick! Delivery by Australia Post Express Mail or pick up from AeroShop at Riddells Creek Airport (Melbourne). Insured delivery available as an option.

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An aircraft radio operators certificate is required to transmit on all aircraft band radios. This certificate can be obtained at most flying schools. We have an aircraft radio reference book available for sale that will prepare you for the certificate written test, $29.00.



Innovative features in this next generation air band panel mount transceiver are why more pilots trust ICOM avionics.
White LED display and white key backlight. The IC-A220 has a bright organic light emitting diode (OLED) display with a wide 170-degree viewing angle. White characters on a black background give the viewer clear, easy to read operating information. The white key backlighting and white OLED display match a modern plane’s instrument panel. In addition, the auto dimmer function adjusts the display for optimum brightness for either day or night.

Easy channel selection

It is fast and easy to select any of the memory channels in the IC-A220. The “flip-flop” arrow button switches between main and stand-by channels. The dual watch function allows you to monitor two channels simultaneously. Additionally, the improved auto stack memory stores the last 20 channels used and allows you to recall those channels easily.

Automatic squelch function

The new automatic squelch function detects the signal level and automatically adjusts the squelch level to maintain a received call. The manual squelch function allows you to instantly adjust the squelch level. The squelch test function manually opens the squelch for testing.

12V or 24V DC power source

The built-in DC-DC converter accepts a 12/24V DC power source. The IC-A220 is easily installed in most airplanes or vehicles.

Intercom functions

The IC-A220 has a built-in voice activated intercom function allowing the pilot to talk with the copilot via the headset. The IC-A220 has an adjustable audio level and squelch control functions.

Easy installation

The IC-A220 has a D-Sub 25-pin industry standard connector for easy installation. The slim case can be installed into a tight panel space. If your current radio has a card edge connector and you plan on installing your new A220 into the same housing, use the MBA-3 rear panel adapter for installation.

Other features:

  • 20 regular memory channels with a 6-character channel name
  • 50 group memory channels (10 Ch x 5 groups) with a channel tag
  • Dualwatch and priority watch functions
  • One-touch access to 121.5 MHz emergency frequency
  • Side tone function for monitoring your voice with headset
  • ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) function reduces pulse type noise
  • Dial lock and panel lock
  • Time-out timer
  • D-Sub 25-pin industry standard connector for easy installation
  • Slim 1.34 inch (34mm) height can be installed in a limited panel space
  • Australian aircraft TSO approved.
  • Two types of menu mode: settings menu and configuration menu.




ICOM’s A120 base station air band mobile introduces two new features: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Bluetooth® capabilities. The newly added built-in ANC reduces background noise and is effective in extremely noisy airport environments. The automatic noise limiter (ANL) reduces pulse-type noise such as engine ignition. Insert the optional UT-133 Bluetooth® unit and connect a third-party wireless Bluetooth® headset.

This unit is great for any mobile application and it’s available in a base station. To transmit you will need a radio operators certificate.Both are built to mil spec for superb reliability!

26W (PEP) - 12v and 24v capable
Frequency: 8.33/25kHz - 118.000-136.992MHz
Channels: 200 with 12 character channel names
LCD display: Dot-matrix with alphanumeric characters & icons
Waterproof : IP54 dust protection & water resistant
Mount option: Mounting bracket and mic included

ON-hook scan and dualwatch functions
The ON-Hook scan function automatically starts scanning when the hand microphone is hooked on the microphone hanger. When you take the microphone OFF hook, the scanning stops at the priority channel or displayed channel. The Dualwatch function checks the priority and operating channels alternatively.

Side tone function
When using a third-party headset with the optional OPC-871A headset adapter, the side tone function allows you to monitor your own transmitted voice via the connected headset. Even when using a hand microphone, your voice can be monitored from the headset.

ICOM A120 - ONLY $2280


Air Band, AM & FM Receiver - Listen to it All !


No need to transmit ? An aircraft frequency capable receiver is a great low cost option. Listen to all airband frequencies (and more) with this powerful, pocket sized receiver:

• Full frequency coverage (0.100 MHz to 1309.995 MHz)
• High Speed Scan (100 Ch per Second)
• FM WFM AM Receive Modes
• Internal bar-antenna (For superior AM reception)
• 1300 Memory Channels (22 Memory Banks)
• Louder, Clearer Audio Output (BTL Circuits)
• 15 Hours of Continuous Receive (With External Speaker)
• Multiple scan functions with Auto Digital Squelch
• Auto Memory Write Scan (Detects & Stores Frequencies)
• Required 2 x AA Alkaline or Ni-MH cells
• Size only 58(W) x 86(H) x 30(D) mm
• External DC input (for desktop use & Ni-MH charging)
• 2 Year ICOM "fix it in Australia" Warranty

ICOM R6 - ONLY $355


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